Maida, NCC boss, to unveil strategic plans for telecom sector in January

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Aminu, Dec. 21, 2023 – Dr. Aminu Maida, the Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive of the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) will unveil  his strategic plans for the telecom sector in January 2024.

Maida made the promise in Abuja on Wednesday during a courtesy call by the officials of the Abuja Chapter of the Nigeria Information Technology Reporters’ Association (NITRA).

He promised to tackle the challenges affecting the telecom sector like poor quality of service and bring improved services to subscribers.

“Regarding our direction, I want to thank Mr. President and Minister of Communications and Digital Economy for considering me to fill these big shoes.

“The strategy the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy put forward was very clear regarding policy direction, and we have to try to achieve it. We also need to ensure we are telling the story fairly and simply, whether to the man on the street or internationally; I see you being very critical in telling that story.

“Be assured that our guiding principle is the Renewed Hope Agenda and the Strategic Roadmap set out by the Minister, and of course, there are some aspects that are specific to us that we will add to that.

“At the end of January, we will be releasing our Strategic Plan for the NCC and, by and large, for the industry in line with the RHA.

“But there are also areas we have started work”, he said.

“We need to change the narrative about the RoW, moving away from saying it is about the charge to opening up and allowing infrastructure to be there and see what can happen, like in Edo, Kaduna, etc.

“Again, we are trying to push forward the work started by our predecessors to link NIN to SIM. Although we are being pragmatic in dealing with the challenges, the job must be completed because the benefits far outweigh the pains.

“Today, if we can tie everybody to an identity, other sectors have similar identities, like banks, Federal Inland Revenue Service, Federal Road Safety Corp, FRSC.

“Bringing it all together to NIN gives us a foundation whereby a lot of digital services can be built, and there is a security aspect as well because we know our challenges.

“I think we need to focus on the fact that we need to do this as a nation; we are not doing it to cause pain; we are doing it so that the economy can grow; there is so much in our Plan.

“And, of course, quality of experience matters; in my engagement with the CEOs of telcos, I had to let them know that we need to make sure people everybody gets value for their money; there are challenges everywhere, whether it is FX, diesel, security but because of the criticality of the telecoms infrastructure. Let people complain and cry, but if we sit down, everything stops because telecom is critical.

“We will be driving very hard on that, as one of the areas that we should be held responsible; we will make sure it is transparent. I want it to be transparent so that we can drive the industry,” Maida said. (GBN)

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