EFCC arrests groom, 50 others in Akure over alleged internet fraud 

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Abuja, June 8, 2024 – The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) arrested a bridegroom and 50 other suspects over alleged internet fraud in the early hours of Saturday.

The arrest was carried out during a raid by its operatives at hotels and an event centre in Akure.

The groom, was holding his bachelor’s eve with friends when the EFFC swooped on them.

The EFCC operatives stormed the scene by around 1.00am in various vehicles while shooting into the air.

According to the source, the operatives also impounded vehicles, laptops, smartphones, and other items during the operation.

The source said: “They were entering the nightclubs and lounges, tear-gassing people, beating them up and arresting them. They don’t care who they are, even two soldiers were injured as they shot tear gas canisters inside one of the clubs.

“They also went away with a groom and his friends at a club, he was there for his bachelor’s eve, so sad as they profiled everyone as an Internet fraudster.”

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