Peter Obi will resolve petrol scarcity in Nigeria  – survey

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Lagos, Dec.19, 2022 – Mr Peter Obi, the Presidential Candidate of Labour Party, will resolve the perennial scarcity of petroleum products in Nigeria, a market survey indicated.

A market survey conducted by Proshare reported that Obi scored the highest out of the 18 presidential candidates in 2023 polled on the resolution of the perennial problem of petrol scarcity in the country.

Proshare is a research and market information services company in Nigeria.

The survey’s outcome was published in latest edition of Proshare’s “Analysts’ Note”, a copy of which was made available to the Global Business News (GBN) in Lagos.

Proshare reported that full implementation of Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) is the panacea to permanently address the issue of petrol scarcity in Nigeria and Obi is the presidential candidate most favourably disposed to full implementation of the Act.

‘Market operators and analysts agreed that sustainable solution to the industry’s many challenges is to fully implement the Petroleum Industry Act 2021.

“The implementation of the Act would include the complete deregulation of the local oil market. Analysts believe the full implementation of the Act has been shifted to the incoming administration, threatening the implementation of the Act.” it said. 

Full implementation of the Act has been deferred to the next administration.

Proshare reported that its survey indicated that Obi scored the highest out of the experts it polled on the probability of the 2023 presidential candidates that will fully implement the PIA.

 “A Twitter survey by Proshare shows that 62.9% of the respondents believe Peter Obi has the highest probability of fully implementing the PIA.

“In comparison, 22.9% believe that Bola Tinubu is more likely to fully implement the Act.

“Over 11% of the respondents opted for Atiku Abubakar, while 3% rooted for Rabiu Kwankwaso.

“While Social Media’s popularity may have influenced the poll’s outcome, analysts’ review of the candidates’ manifestos supports the survey’s outcome,” it reported.(GBN)

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