New minister of information promises to be truthful, avoid lies

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Abuja, Aug. 21, 2023 – Mohammed Idris Malagi, the new Minister of Information and National Orientation, has promised to be open and truthful to Nigerian on developments in the country.

He said he would run an administration devoid of lies and fake news.

The Minister made the promise on assumption of duties in his ministry on Monday.

He was in company of the new minister for Arts, Culture and Creative Economy.

 Malagi said that the president had gave him a matching order to speak the truth, which is now a new covenant between the government and the people of Nigeria.

‘‘For me, I am actually a reporter reporting for duty, and I meant it with every sense of the word. 

“The President has asked me to come and tell you, this is  a brand new ministry of Information and National Orientation. This is a ministry that is set to be re positioned like never before. I have been in the industry for nearly three decades and I should know where the shoe pinches. 

“Today is not for policy announcement but a day to familiarize ourselves with all the stakeholders in the ministry.

‘‘We are poised to ensure that the Renewed Hope of Mr President gets serious traction.  Mr. President has sent me to come and say it the way it is, Mr. President did’nt send me to come and lie, and this is the new covenant with you and Nigerians.

“We are going to say it as it is, Mr. President is somebody who is truthful, honest, transparent, he has said that when we come, we should own up where there are mistakes, we should own up where we erred, we should not be shy to say, No this is wrong and we are going to correct it.”  

In her remarks, the new Minister of Arts, Culture and Creative Economy, Musa Hanatu Musawa, promised to use her ministry to export Nigeria to the world.

’Whatever we will do, we are going to do it together to achieve greatness. Nigeria stands on the precipice of greatness. 

“As an artist and song writer, I understand the passion that is required to move the ministry forward. We are going to do a number of things to change the trajectory.

“We are going to export Nigeria to outside world, and make Nigeria the greatest nation on earth, in a way that will change the narrative. 

‘’Culture is our identity; we are going to sell to the world. The unity our forefathers found, Azikiwe, Awolowo and Tafa Balewa bequeathed we are going to use this ministry to resuscitate and grow the economy.

“We are going to roll out action plan that will not just satisfy all stakeholders, but actualize our mandate for President Tinubu. Our guiding principles will be innovation, preservation, empowerment, corporation, collaboration.’’

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