Banks’ Recapitalisation: NACCIMA to engage stakeholders – President

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Lagos, April 2, 2024 -The Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA) says it is studying the Central Bank of Nigeria’s new guidelines on the recapitalisation of banks in the country.

NACCIMA said it would soon engage with relevant stakeholders and await the complete policy framework before making any response

Dele Oye, its National President, said in Lagos on Monday that there was the need for prudence and thorough analysis given the policy shift’s significance within the banking sector and its potential macroeconomic implications.

“It is imperative to highlight NACCIMA’s approach to this matter as one of caution, prudence and thorough analysis.

“As such, we intend to engage in consultations with our stakeholders and await the disclosure of the complete policy framework from the CBN and the government,” Oye said.

“NACCIMA acknowledges the significance of this policy shift within the banking sector and its potential implications on the broader macroeconomic landscape,”

“While recognising the importance of maintaining a robust banking system, we are currently unable to provide a comprehensive commentary on the policy without access to the full details and context surrounding the CBN’s decision.”

 “NACCIMA refrains from offering a definitive opinion on the policy at this moment until a thorough understanding of the objectives and implications are outlined by the regulatory authorities.”

“Our organisation stands ready to engage constructively with all relevant parties to facilitate a nuanced and informed discourse on this critical issue,” Oye said.  (GBN)

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