Nigeria requires well motivated, trained, inspired police force

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Abuja, Nov. 21, 2023 – Kayode Egbetokun, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), says Nigeria needs a well-motivated, well-educated, trained, and inspired police force.

He said he inherited an ill motivated force that could not perform above available resources.

Egbetoku bared his mind on Tuesday at the House of Representatives on Tuesday when he appeared before the House in company of the other service chiefs.

He said that in spite of the inadequacies of the Nigeria Police Force, Nigerians were not ready to accept any excuse for failure.

The IGP said the police personnel were operating in very difficult environment due to the neglect over the years.

He said the police had almost 6000 divisional police headquarters across the country with each requiring a minimum of four operational vehicles, adding that while some had operational vehicles, many could not boost of any operational vehicle.

Egbetokun said the Nigeria policemen were operating in dire circumstances even below the expectations of the United Nations.

He said while the UN recommended one policeman to 40 persons, the Nigerian police could only boost 1000 people to one policeman.

The IGP said criminals in the country were aware of the lapses in the police force and were taking advantage of it.

“Unfortunately, the citizens are not interested in any excuse for lack of performance by the police. They want us to perform and protect them and we are ready to do that. But we need your support.

He, however, said the policemen were doing their best in the circumstances. (GBN)

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