DSS sacks EFCC officials from Lagos office

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Lagos, May 30, 2023 -Some operatives of the Department of State Security (DSS) have stormed the Lagos office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and sacked the officers.

The DSS officials sealed the EFCC on No 145A Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, in the early hours of Tuesday and prevented the EFCC officials from entering their offices.

Sources close to the EFCC said that the DSS officials had arrived in the Lagos office on Monday and parked along the road to the EFCC office, but stormed the building around 7.00am on Tuesday to prevent EFCC officials from entering the premises.

They said that the two agencies had for some time been laying claims to the office building.

One of the sources said: “There’s been a running battle between us and the DSS over who owns the office because the office was used by them before the EFCC came on board and it was handed over to us.

“But it’s been an administrative issue, and the matter is not in court and hasn’t caused any fracas before now.

“But we don’t understand why they have to block our office and deny our officials access when a new government just came in.”

But, in its official reaction, the DSS said it was only occupying its own facility where it is carrying out its official and statutory responsibility.

In a statement, Peter Afunanya, the DSS Spokesperson, said: “It is not correct that the DSS barricaded EFCC from entering its office. No. It is not true.

“The Service is only occupying its own facility where it is carrying out its official and statutory responsibility.

“By the way, there is no controversy over No 15A Awolowo Road as being insinuated by the Media.

“Did the EFCC tell you it is contesting the ownership of the building? I will be surprised if it is contesting the ownership.

“Awolowo Road was NSO headquarters. SSS/DSSS/DSS started from there. It is a common knowledge. It is a historical fact. Check it out.

“There is no rivalry between the Service and the EFCC over and about anything. Please do not create any imaginary one.

“They are great partners working for the good of the nation. Dismiss any falsehood of a fight,” the statement said. (GBN)

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