Amnesty condemns NBC over its warning to Arise Television

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Abuja, Oct.8, 2023 – The Amnesty International has condemned the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) over its warning to Arise Television to stop violating the Nigerian Broadcasting Code.

The NBC had issued the warning to Arise in a letter, dated Oct. 6, 2023, for its persistent infringements on NBC code.

NBC had criticised the television station for allowing guests to use unguarded languages while on air discussing national issues, especially the allegations against President Tinubu on certificate forgery.

The Amnesty issued its condemnation through a statement on Saturday, Oct. 7, circulated through its X (formerly Twitter) handle.

It said censoring the media for doing their work would send the wrong message that the Nigerian authorities must prepare to be held accountable.

Amnesty urged the Nigerian authorities to stop the unrelenting quest to silence media organisations, which it said, were crucial to ensuring independent and diverse media space in the country and fulfilling people’s right to information.

“Using regulations as a way to silence independent journalism is completely unacceptable.

“The media in Nigeria should be free to exercise their right to freedom of expression as protected by international law,” it said.

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