2023 Elections: Nigerians vent anger about likely disruptions

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By Tajudeen Atitebi

Lagos, Jan 26, 2023 – Some Nigerians have taken to the social media to vent their anger about the current harsh living conditions in the country.

They say the situation is deliberately planned to scuttle the 2023 general elections.

The living conditions in the country have turned for the worse in the last one year with fears that the situation is the handy work of some powerful persons to disrupt the 2023 elections.

Inflation is on the rise and prices of all manner of good and services have skyrocketed.

Food is no longer regular at homes, while electricity supply is never reliable.

All sources of energy – gas, kerosene, petrol, diesel, aviation fuel and electricity – have been disrupted.

Vehicles have been forced off the road due to petrol shortages and the price is no longer regulated.

A litre of petrol can be bought at any price where available.

The naira notes redesign programme is also a suspect. Many have said that it was designed to cause further confusion ahead of the February elections.  

Given the ugly situation, some Nigerians have vented their anger openly.

Bola Tinubu, the APC Presidential Candidate, openly vented his anger against the situation on Wednesday during his presidential rally in Ibadan where he said: “With or without fuel hike, naira redesign, I will win.

“The city boy is here. I am the son of the soil, we will take the government from them, the bad people.”

Senator Sheu Sanni, the Kaduna-based politician, in turn, took to his twitter handle this morning to say: “I share the belief that the redesigning of the naira is a deliberate and calculated act with ulterior motives.”

Femi Fani-kayode, a former Minister of Aviation, wrote on his twitter page: “Whether your plans are to scuttle this election, whether through new naira notes, fuel scarcity, or creating an atmosphere of fear and panic, YOU SHALL FAIL.

“The cat is already out of the bag. We know what to do,” he said.

Reno Omokri, a social media influencer, also twitted: “This is why Tinubu has cried out in anger against Buhari’s government. It’s the Game over for him?

“Now he will struggle for the second place with his ‘Tenant Obi’.” (GBN)

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